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Best Android Apps and News Apps

The avalanche of news that breaks each day can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are many apps that can help you stay informed and organized.

Reuters is an established news app that’s respected for its neutrality and fact-checking. It offers a great mix of global and local news, plus video content.

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Inshorts is an innovative mobile news aggregator that delivers news in 60-word summaries. The app is designed for people who don’t have the time to read long news articles or those who are not interested in reading opinion pieces. The app also features an autoplay video feature and can be accessed offline.

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The company was founded by three IIT dropouts and started as a Facebook page in 2013. Today, it has more than 20 million downloads and is the top-rated news app in India. The app has been praised for its unique content, easy-to-read format, and high user engagement.

Inshorts offers a variety of news formats, including fact cards, collections, and digital magazines. It also has a social media integration, which allows users to share news with friends and family. Inshorts’ large user base provides a good opportunity for advertisers to target their ads.

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Ground News

Ground News is a first-of-its-kind news aggregator that uses experiential learning to teach users about media bias. The app offers a news feed that shows the latest headlines and a search bar that can be used to filter news stories based on political bias, time, and location.

Users can also see what other news outlets are reporting on a story and compare articles side-by-side to practice lateral reading. Each article is accompanied by a bias and factuality rating based on independent news monitoring organizations.

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Ground News has a free version and a paid Pro version. The Pro version includes a personalized news feed and unlocks Bias Insights, Ownership Data, and more. Teachers can use Ground News to show students how to access and analyze unbiased news sources and draw their own conclusions about developing stories. The app encourages discussion about liberal, conservative, and middle of the road views that influence journalists and news sites.

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Daily Hunt

Dailyhunt is the first-of-its-kind Indic news aggregator that empowers 350 million users to consume content in their own language and dialect. The company is focused on presenting news in local languages to cater to the Indian masses including people from rural areas. Its target audience is mainly the millennials in India.

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The company is now a top five news app in 19 countries, and a top ten in five more. It has also launched Josh, a short-video streaming app, and plans to launch several other apps in the future. The company recently acqui-hired Vauntz, a design and analytics start-up, and BuyT, an app for buying and selling goods.

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The team behind Dailyhunt built a mobile news aggregator that reflects the spirit of India, confident, techie and desi. It took inspiration from the many forms of news dissemination in India over time, from communal announcements in village centers to newspaper deliveries in homes to unlimited scrolling within news apps.

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Flipboard is a social news app that aggregates articles, video, and other content into a sleek magazine-style reading experience. The app has become PCMag’s favorite multiplatform news-reading application, and its most recent update was a significant upgrade that made the app even more powerful.

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It’s easy to set up a personalized feed by following topics, people, and magazines that interest you. This ensures that your feed will always be relevant. It’s also easy to add new topics on the fly.

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For example, you can follow a specific person on Flipboard to see all their articles in your feed, or you can follow a magazine that covers a topic you want to stay up-to-date on. The more you use Flipboard, the better it becomes at understanding what types of articles are most relevant to you. This is why it’s important to check it every day and add new topics as you discover them.

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Newsbreak is one of the most popular news apps on the Play Store. It is focused on reinvigorating community and independent journalism. With a streamlined user experience and plenty of local content, it’s easy to use and has a lot to offer.

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It is also a great platform for writers to monetize their work. However, the best way to maximize your earnings on Newsbreak is to write about relevant topics that are not inflammatory or spammy. Additionally, if you are planning to publish satire or fiction, make sure to clearly label it as such.

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